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Back from Oran Build 2013

On October 21st we headed to Oran to take part in their International Construction and Public Works Exhibition. There we could  see how the algerian businessman appreciates and demands a high quality service as well as the latest technology and leading brands made in Europe.

The recent blooming of developing markets, the geographical proximity, weather and cooking similarities, as well as the common roots between these two countries have settled and helped the commercial links between them, which have been proved to be positive and interesting for both parts.

 The Spanish product perception is that it is a high quality product, as a result of the large expertise of the local market in several of the areas which are currently growing as much as Algeria is able to.

 This rushing growth has already taken the Algerian streets, which show the strong contrast between the natural resources-derived wealth (mainly from gas) and the humble hints which return us to the reality of a country with a long way ahead.



Madrid, October 28th.

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