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The company

ARM Electrónica Informática starts its activities back in 2000 in the market of electronic parts.

Born from the experience and knowledge of its founders with more than 35 years of expertise in this area, it comes as a new business different from the conventional approach, to meet the various demands in the niches of electronic technology and communications while offering a highly customized and efficient quality service.

Our service supplies a tight price to whom needs it, a continuous attention to whom requests it and a rapid response to whom is in a hurry. All in all, we aim our services at the particular needs and expectatives of each one of our customers.

Currently offering more than 8.000 references in stock, our service delivers electronic parts (active, passive, optoelectronics, connexions, etc...) and computer accessories (memory cards, HDD’s, printer cartridges, etc...) from the best worldwide suppliers.

This approach allows us to increase our market share, making an efficient use of our resources and pointing out our special customer experience in the technological Spanish market.








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Phone: +34 91 465 93 30

Where are we




 C/ Eugenia de Montijo, 59 - local 12

28025 - MADRID - SPAIN 

Advice and Warranty


Feel free to contact our Tech Assistants for any doubt regarding our products and services.

All of our products include the original factory warranty.



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